Sara Blake Richmond, Virginia

Sara Blake is an illustrator, designer, and fine artist living and loving in New York City. She graduated from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Graphic Art and Postmodern Studies, and has been working in design and art direction ever since, adding Ford, Nike, Marc Jacobs and IBM to her impressive client list.

Creating since she could hold a pencil, Sara has added the stylus to her arsenal as she pursues her dream job creatively directing for Rick Owens (and of course, liberating a few of his leather jackets for inspiration purposes) and works towards realizing her current passion project; producing a children’s book. She uses the potent combination of coffee and Radiohead to power on through the wee hours, unwinding with long runs and long chats with her mom. She dreams of owning a white husky, a fact she keeps well hidden from her vindictive feline roommate, Eugene...

FITC Amsterdam: As a participating speaker in the FITC Amsterdam 2014 conference, I was invited to create the event's visual identity and announcement poster. Inspired by the old Rorschach inkblot tests, the poster's form and subject matter emerges from a mirrored watercolor stain. Typeface and identity used in collaboration with Leviathan Chicago for the opening title sequence for the event. (Client: FITC, 2014)