Pawel is a Warsaw based Art Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Visual Artist. With professional experience ranging from Illustration, graphic design, photo-retouching, CGI, web design & even programming (sometimes all used in one project), Pawel is a renaissance creative with an eclectic strain. He has plied his trade for a great range of clients, including Nike, Polaroid and The Grammy's.

Pawel's love of design is matched by his love of sneakers; he has combined these two passions to create his innovative and acclaimed "Sneakercube" side-project. He is also passionate about photography, and was delighted recently to be able to collaborate on the design of a camera for Polaroid. Whilst he prizes his computer amongst all other objects in his studio, he's still a devotee of the humble pencil and it's analog undo function.

Constructed: A new series from artist/designer Pawel Nolbert focusing on the topic of perception of reality and the positing of a subjective, reality distortion engineered in social media. Where does the "photo” (i.e. real) end, and "graphic" (artificial) begin? Which digital tools are authentic and which are manipulators; which programs make it a photograph, and tools transform the work into a surreal Photoshop illustration? Does the distinction matter? (Client: Personal, 2016)