Mike Harrison is the creative force behind StudioMH, a multi-disciplinary design & illustration studio based in London. Mike prides himself in being able to work across multiple disciplines and he is always evolving and developing his craft to match the ever changing environment of design and illustration. This has enabled Mike to build an eclectic body of work.

Mike has received worldwide recognition as an illustrator and he has had the privilege of working with some great clients both big and small including: Nike, The BBC, Atlantic Records, NBC/Universal, Channel 4, and The Wall Street Journal.

Fotolia: Mike was invited to represent the UK in season 2 of Fotolia's TEN Collection Project. Artists from the UK, France, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Russia, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Germany were introduced for the new season and every month starting from January a new person's work is introduced, with the idea being that people can download the full PSD free of charge for 24 hours allowing them to discover techniques, tips and tricks from the artist. (Client: Fotolia, 2013)