Lobulo, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and lone scalpel jedi based in East London. Lobulo is no stranger to the hustle of commercial, editorial, and personal work. He has built an impressive portfolio through the creation and construction of radical and vibrant papercraft. Lobulo realized what he was destined to be early on, while shopping with my mother at the supermarket. He would always make her pick the cereals for the art on the box, rather than for sugary goodness inside. Naturally, he ended up studying graphic design and marketing, learning that there’s much more to a computer than just playing Pacman.

Javier a.k.a. Lobulo’s art showcases a variety of unique, creative collaborations, as well as more than 10 years experience of working for various design and marketing studios. His effort, talent, and dedication to craft is poured into every piece; Small or large, formal or informal, always expressing emotions, always sending out a message.

Radisson Blu Paper City: 5 international cities blend into 1 huge, unique cityscape! Lobulo and Sebastián Baptista have combined forces yet again to create a new, more complex, expansive, city using papercraft architecture. Lobulo's team worked side by side with DigitasLBI Scandinavian to construct this Paper City for Radisson Blu, complete with the iconic buildings and worldwide famous landmarks crafted by hand. The camera movements, trivia contest and interactive elements of Radisson's new site, allow the visitor to play and explore while discovering the 5 different cities who conform into our remarkable Paper City. (Agency: DigitasLBI, Client: Radisson Blu, 2016)