Lauren Hom Brooklyn, New York

Lauren Hom is a California-born, Brooklyn-based designer and letterer, operating under the studio moniker Hom Sweet Hom. Known for her bright color palettes and playful letterforms, Lauren has created work for clients like Starbucks, AT&T, YouTube, Aeropostale and TIME Magazine. Her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the ADC, the TDC, the One Club, and the Webby Awards. Lauren is also the author of the popular blog (and now book) Daily Dishonesty.

She finds that she's happiest when creating; so, when she's not working, you can find her baking yummy things, selling your ex-boyfriend's tears, or lettering for lunch around New York City. Lauren's motto is, and will always be, "Work hard, snack often."

Time Out New York: Illustration and lettering for the cover of Time Out New York's issue about the friendly side of NYC. (Art Direction: Sarah Mulligan) (Client: Time Out New York, 2015)