Lauren Hom Brooklyn, New York

Lauren Hom is a California-born, Brooklyn-based designer and letterer, operating under the studio moniker Hom Sweet Hom. Known for her bright color palettes and playful letterforms, Lauren has created work for clients like Starbucks, AT&T, YouTube, Aeropostale and TIME Magazine. Her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the ADC, the TDC, the One Club, and the Webby Awards. Lauren is also the author of the popular blog (and now book) Daily Dishonesty.

She finds that she's happiest when creating; so, when she's not working, you can find her baking yummy things, selling your ex-boyfriend's tears, or lettering for lunch around New York City. Lauren's motto is, and will always be, "Work hard, snack often."

26 Letters 26,000 Miles: In January 2016, Lauren will be selling all of her belongings, stuffing a few sundresses and a sketchbook into a backpack, and traveling for the entire year. She is planning on visiting more than 20 countries and setting foot on every continent. Since Lauren makes a living drawing the alphabet: "I thought it would be pretty rad if I could fund my 26,000 mile journey around the world with the same 26 letters I hold so close to my heart." Every dollar raised through the special series of travel-inspired posters project will go directly towards her 'round the world journey, from plane tickets to late night street snacks. Can 26 little letters really take Lauren Hom 26,000 miles? Check out the project at: (Client: Personal, 2015)