Hydro74 is an Orlando, FL based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. His career is focused on pushing the boundaries of what is relevant to the market, extracting elements and trends and offering them up in his personal and client work. His only goal is to be the best in what he does and to own it with a high sense of pride the craft.

Hydro's portfolio is packed full of unique type treatments and illustrations for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Lucas Films, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Harley-Davidson, Hasbro, EA Sports, Levi’s, and the list goes on. His work has been recognized in numerous design/illustration publications including Computer Arts, iDN, Digit, Royal Flush, Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz. Besides his impressive array of vector illustrations, another aspect of his hustle and dedication is showcased in Joshua’s experiments with creating dramatic (in his words, "bad-ass") fonts that communicate from a bold new perspective.

Dos Equis: Various illustrations and work for Dos Equis. Hydro74 also teamed with G2 to assist in creating beer label art for Dos XX to highlight their Halloween Event. (Client: Dos Equis, 2013)