Darren Booth Ontario, Canada

Darren Booth is a Canadian illustrator & letterer. Creating for twelve years, his vibrantly expressive yet controlled and succinct style has enabled him to collaborate with brands such as Coca-Cola, Aol, Target, Penguin Books, McDonald's, and The New York Times. He’s also created work for high-profile clients Steve Martin and Willie Nelson.

When he's not busy being a perfectionist working late in to the night you can find him on Twitter sharing cat GIF's, relaxing watching movies and playing guitar, or staring off into space, day-dreaming of running a motion graphics company specializing in nothing but film titles. Oh, and owning a 60's Corvette. Stingrays, baby…

Great Lakes Brewing: Part of a larger series of recent work created for Great Lakes Brewing Co, one of America's oldest and finest craft breweries, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Darren Booth was commissioned to create the illustrations for their entire line-up of beers in order to help unify their look and appeal to a wider audience as they prepare for a nationwide expansion. (Client: Great Lakes Brewing Co., 2014-2015)