Danielle Evans is an urban Columbus, Ohio native. She derives great pleasure in walking everywhere, taking food photos on Instagram, and being ‘the cool aunt’. Her heartstrings are plucked by lettering and typography, which she exhibits through brush pen, paper cutting and most notably, dimensional type. She art directs, food styles, and collaborates with personable and quirky clients to achieve authentic, evocative, and approachable work for editorials and advertising.

Danielle is available for speaking engagements, video, travel, and enjoys partnering with new photographers and stylists. A few of her clients have include: Target, Aria, AZO, Purina, Lays, Parade, Tesco, Romano's Macaroni Grill, and theGuardian.

Real Thread Tee Type: Real Thread is the undisputed champion of soft, smartly designed tees, so when asked to work together on a gig, Danielle jumped at the opportunity. Opting to use the existing concrete at the Orlando headquarters and she brought 25 tee shirts of varying sizes together in a twisty, draping jumble. She covered 8 feet of floor, making quick work of these pieces over the course of an afternoon! (Client: Real Thread, 2015)